Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Oh I've just come home from a night at my bookclub. I love my bookclub, but possibly not for the same reason a lot of other people love going to bookclub. My bookclub is a little bit on the casual side you could say! But hey, what's wrong with that?

There's usually between 5- 10 of us on any given month. We have dinner/drinks at a local pub. We laugh (a  lot), chat (even more) & sometimes we briefly discuss the book we have (or haven't) read! I try to read the book - well most months I try, but sometimes I just don't get there! And you know what, no one in our bookclub judges!!

I try to set a few rules ... no books about war, murder, crime, sick children, illness, death, or anything set in the 1800's! Every month I say "Let's read something light, fluffy & romantic" I never win but it's worth a try!
So what's so good about my bookclub you ask? Well it's all about getting together with my special friends, laughing, chatting, eating & drinking. All the important things in life. And it's a little bit of time-out, which we all need.

This month's book is

Around Australia in 80ks

by Greg Bearup

Everyone should start up or join a bookclub. It can be serious or casual. What ever tickles your fancy!

Back to the flouncing now,

Kate xx

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