Thursday, February 4, 2010

Grab A Bargain

So its over two months since my last post, Sorry for that.

The good news is we have a huge range of one off skirts that we are selling at 25-50% off. I will hopefully get some of these on the website in the next few days but here are just a few-

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Calling Dr Spook

The Fourth Child

What is it about the fourth child? The
y seem to be born wiser than the rest with a knowledge of everything! They gain this knowledge because unlike your first child they seem to be able to access everything that they want. They are opinionated and believe everything should be at their disposal now ,with a favorite catch cry “I need more”......My husband and I talk constantly about reining in this behaviour but we are fighting a losing battle against our older 3 children who give in to the Littlest Princess just to get a minute of their peace!

Help Help Help the terrible twos have only just begun.


What a week it's been! As I am busily rushing to get our stock into our first retail stores it's hard to resist being very excited. 
I love our product and the retail party skirts are truly my favorite. 
Today whilst standing in one of our first retail stores (OUR PLACE Beecroft) with skirts on hangers in my hand a 3 year old rushed up to me and brushed her hand across the layers of flounce, the smile when she realised how soft it felt was magical. Lucky for that little girl she was shopping with grandma who naturally purchased. 

Off to sort out more stock now, with a smile on my face.

Below another very lucky little girl, Audrey ... trying out one of our retail range.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Rain Rain go away!

As I'm busy preparing new stock for tomorrows market at Mosman, I am hoping the rain I can hear slowing tapping above will go away.  Do you think this means more sun than rain, I hope so !


It's never any fun flouncing in the rain. Come and see us any how but maybe bring a brolly in case.

Flouncing off for now.

Cassandra xx

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Oh I've just come home from a night at my bookclub. I love my bookclub, but possibly not for the same reason a lot of other people love going to bookclub. My bookclub is a little bit on the casual side you could say! But hey, what's wrong with that?

There's usually between 5- 10 of us on any given month. We have dinner/drinks at a local pub. We laugh (a  lot), chat (even more) & sometimes we briefly discuss the book we have (or haven't) read! I try to read the book - well most months I try, but sometimes I just don't get there! And you know what, no one in our bookclub judges!!

I try to set a few rules ... no books about war, murder, crime, sick children, illness, death, or anything set in the 1800's! Every month I say "Let's read something light, fluffy & romantic" I never win but it's worth a try!
So what's so good about my bookclub you ask? Well it's all about getting together with my special friends, laughing, chatting, eating & drinking. All the important things in life. And it's a little bit of time-out, which we all need.

This month's book is

Around Australia in 80ks

by Greg Bearup

Everyone should start up or join a bookclub. It can be serious or casual. What ever tickles your fancy!

Back to the flouncing now,

Kate xx

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Parties, holidays and online shopping!

I can't believe how quickly October is flying by! My princess turned 1 yesterday & I find it frightening to think how quickly this year has flown. Of couse she had a special flounce made for her Birthday & I am hoping somebody got a photo of her in it! I got one on the swing but you can't see the gorgeous patterned top on it! (and at this point she was rather exhausted!) I must say our flounces are very durable. It survived the day in the park beautifully, and believe me it was definately dragged around.. Ruby was a little overwhelmed by the whole Birthday Party experience & we all had a rather early night last night.

I have searched through lots of websites over the last few weeks, which has been lots of fun, looking for girls gifts. It's such a nice change after spending years looking for boys pressies. I thought I would share a couple of them with you.

Check them out - I always love it when I find a great new website. Sometimes it's nice to buy online rather than in shops as quite often you find something a little bit different. And let's face it, quite often it's a lot easier! Sgrab a cuppa , sit down in front of the computer & shop! And while you're there naturally you should check out

Only a few days left ( and a 9 year olds birthday party tomorrow!) until school goes back and then the focus will return to the flounces. I've loved the holidays, no uniforms, lunches or homework!

We are at Mosman Festival on Sunday 25th which will be great. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.

Flouncing off for now,


Monday, October 5, 2009

We're back!!

Wow, where have the last few weeks gone! It's been so busy with sales & markets that unfortunately the blog has suffered a bit. But I'm back now & ready to let you know what's happening with our flounces!

We are currently making a few changes/improvements to our website & it should be all up & running in the newer format very soon. We are expanding our site to include more information about our flounces and where you can see them and purchase them.

We have joined The Great Kids Fashion Hunt which begins in November through Kids Fashion Review. What a great website & idea. Make sure you check it out when you get a chance. and look out for flounce about.

We have also advertised on Bondville which I mentioned in an earlier blog. I love this site - Steph does a great job promoting quality Australian made products. Of course, being Australian designed and made is one of the things that makes our flounces so unique.

We have a section on our website which lists which upcoming markets we will be at - Mosman last Saturday was so wet that we decided we wouldn't even get the skirts out of the car! Sunday at St Ives was great. We managed to get a spot indoors & the day was a big success. We are travelling to Canberra in November for the Mathilda's Market which will be fantastic. We're looking forward to introducing our range to the people of Canberera & hopefully they'll love our flounces as much as Sydneysiders do.

We are also in the process of getting a retail range ready which is very exciting, and will keep you updated on our website & through our blog of our new stockists once everything is completed.

Well, fingers crossed the weather in Sydney starts improving for the school holidays and hopefully everyone has a great week.

Flouncing off for now,