Thursday, September 17, 2009

flounce about web launch specials

Well it's all happening. What a busy week it's been. We have a few things happening & keeping us on our toes at the moment.

Our website launch special is up & running- purchase a party or princess flounce online before Sunday 20th and you will receive a matching heart flounce tee, valued at $25 absolutely free. This is a fab offer especially if you are starting to think of Christams already - like we are. Avoid the Christmas rush & the shops & visit us online -

Our other special event we are running is the flounce parties! Invite 8 or more friends & have a flounce party. We'll bring the flounces & you bring the friends. The party host will receive a party flounce as a special thank you gift. This offer is only available in Sydney until December 13th. Get online & check it out -
So it's been a busy week with lots of orders to fill & visitors to our website. With this gorgeous Sydney weather you should be checking out our beautiful cotton playdate flounces (pictured) for your little princesses - they are so sweet & practical but they still have some frill factor which every little girl needs!
Enjoy the beautiful weather Sydneysiders & for everyone else, I hope it comes your way soon.

flouncing off for now,


Monday, September 14, 2009

The Party Focus

Let's focus on our party flounce for a moment. What more could any girl wish for - frilly, flouncy, twirl-factor, and in any colour combintion you like. And then double all that cause they're reversible!

Our party flounces are a dream come true for any "girly" girls out there. (And don't despair Mum's because we make them in grown up sizes too. As a matter of fact I have just finished cutting a black adults princess flounce afternoon.).

Our party flounces are absolutely perfect for any girls celebrating their Birthday. Just imagine, you could reverse it half way through the party & everyone would think you were in a new outfit! Let's face it, given the option, we adults would love a change of outfit halfway through a night out!!

Check out our best selling party flounces on our website. If you can't find the colour combo you love, we'll make one up for you -

With this gorgeous weather we are experiencing at the moment you should check out an Australian website called made for sundays. made for sundays is a boutique Australian brand of boys and girls swimwear that is designed to be fashionable, comfortable and offer excellent UV sun protection to delicate young skin. Just what every little one needs with summer fast  approaching. Have a look at their website, you'll love it -

Well, back to the cutting board for me!

Flouncing off for now,

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Very "Springy" Sunday

What gorgeous Spring weather Sydney is delivering to us at the moment. I love this time of year - the kids can spend their days playing outside (which let's face it is always a good thing!).

My kids spend their lives playing cricket/rugby/anything that involves a ball really! My little Princess has just gone down for a sleep or she would want to be out there too. The boys have worked out if they place her in her car, behind their big cricket net then she's safe from flying balls. I suppose you have to learn to keep yourself safe when you have 3 big brothers!

Cassandra is at the Corpus Christi Spring Fair today at St Ives - a warm day for her! The flounces are definately keeping us very busy. Both our houses are covered in frills which is a good thing - although the 7 males we live with (between us that is!) may not think so.

I am loving this blogging. I have found a few great blogs to follow which I think I should share with you. Last night I found one at . I found it through Kids Fashion Review which I joined (another great site - ). I haven't had a chance to read through the whole blog but it looks great. Check it out when you get a chance.

Anyway, I'm off to spend this gorgeous day with my family. We have added new flounces to our site so check it out -

Flouncing off for now,


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our Black Princess

We are making some of our princess flounces with a spotted or floral cotton waistband which looks gorgeous. I think our "black princess" teamed with leggings, a singlet or tee and a denim jacket would look especially groovy for those 8-12 year olds. We have cerise, red, pale pink & mint green in stock too with the cotton tops.

Of course all our party flounces have cotton tops & are reversible. Perfect for fussy princesses - now we can give them a choice!

Wednesday's Edition

Wow, I can't believe we're already half way through this week. We've been busy cutting & sewing more skirts for this weekend. flounce about is heading to St Ives on Sunday. We're going to be at the Corpus Christi Spring Fair. The address details are on our website -

Well the weather in Sydney at the moment is perfect for flounces. I've started digging through my wardrobe looking for some summery clothes myself. Mind you, I don't want to pack the winter woolies away just yet cause that colder weather could come back!

My little princess had one of her "princess flounces" on the other day (just toddling around the school playground mind you!) with some huggalugs legruffles. She looked gorgeous. I'm going to get her a few more pairs of huggalugs to go with her assortment of flounces! They are very cute & take me back many years to when I wore leg warmers. I still remember my favourite hot pink pair! The flounces look very cute over skinny leg jean & footless tights too.

I had a good read through Issue 1 of SHOP girl magazine last night. It's the tween version of SHOP 4 kids. Great magazine with loads of gorgeous fashion & accessories. Make sure you grab one. We'll have to do our best to get our flounces in there!!

Anyway, best get back to my sewing!

Flouncing off for now,


Monday, September 7, 2009

a new flouncy website

Well, our website is up and running. We are a little low on stock after a busy weekend but all products should be up by the end of this week. We would love some feedback on our website so please check it out & let us know what you think -

We learnt from our Market on Saturday that every Child/Mum looks for different things in a flounce. That is one thing that sets our flounces apart from any other pettiskirt-style skirts on the market, we offer all sorts of colours & colour combinations to suit everyone. Whatever you want, we can create!

So this week holds lots more flouncing for us. We will be able to let you know in the next day or so, where we will be this weekend.

So, flouncing off for now,


Saturday, September 5, 2009

The "flounce" hits Mosman

What a great day we had at Mosman Markets today. There are a lot of little princesses running around Sydney now in flounces.

It was a gorgeous sunny day & we had such fun.

We had our gorgeous (adult) model, Ness wearing a very cute navy princess flounce & had lots of enquiries for flounces from "grown ups". It looked fabulous teamed with striped leggings & ballet flats.

So we'll definately be back at Mosman next month & will let you know where we are between now & then.

Our website (although a little depleted after today) is up & running. go to & let us know what you think.

Happy Father's Day to all those Daddy's out there for tomorrow.

flouncing off for now,


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

flouncing in the rain

Well what started out as a gorgeous Spring day has certainly changed. The rain has arrived - but will hopefully disappear by Saturday for our Market @ Mosman. We're really excited and madly running around cutting & sewing.

It's so lovely that Spring has come, perfect weather for flouncing about. Our range has some gorgeous colours in it - pinks(of course), aqua, red, cerise & mint. And the fabrics that we've used on the waistbands & accessories are beautiful. There should be a flounce to suit everyone. And if there's not, we'll make one.

We've been working on a few accessories to go with our flounces including appliqued tees, headbands, hairclips & brooches which we will have at the Market.

Our website is nearly done & should hopefully be up and running by tomorrow. the address is so please visit it & let us know what you think.

Flouncing off for now,