Monday, September 14, 2009

The Party Focus

Let's focus on our party flounce for a moment. What more could any girl wish for - frilly, flouncy, twirl-factor, and in any colour combintion you like. And then double all that cause they're reversible!

Our party flounces are a dream come true for any "girly" girls out there. (And don't despair Mum's because we make them in grown up sizes too. As a matter of fact I have just finished cutting a black adults princess flounce afternoon.).

Our party flounces are absolutely perfect for any girls celebrating their Birthday. Just imagine, you could reverse it half way through the party & everyone would think you were in a new outfit! Let's face it, given the option, we adults would love a change of outfit halfway through a night out!!

Check out our best selling party flounces on our website. If you can't find the colour combo you love, we'll make one up for you -

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Well, back to the cutting board for me!

Flouncing off for now,

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